About The Culture Feed

The Culture Feed is a blog/website bringing news and incredible moments from Fashion, Music, Film, Gaming & more. Each part of the family is ran by someone who is passionate about the subject. We also create podcasts and our own radio show, with YouTube content expected to come soon.

Every part of The Culture Feed is ran by creatives, including musicians, designers, film-makers & more. This means that we have a great knowledge on what we post, and will soon be sharing our own work as part of our creative division.

My name is Louis and I created The Culture Feed on August 14th 2018. I continue to run everything apart from The Game and Food Feed. My aim with this blog is to bring content that inspires me to an audience. We do this for fun, but hope the page will continue to grow as we follow our creative dreams.

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For any enquiries please email louismulhernmedia@outlook.com

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