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Avengers: Endgame Review and Breakdown

With half of the universe turned into dust, in ‘Avengers: Endgame’, the remaining heroes must attempt to recover all that was lost in ‘Infinity War’. SPOILERS AHEAD

Last years ‘Infinity War’ was one of the most heart-breaking moments any superhero fan could ever see, with half of your favourite characters turning into dust, after 10 years of introducing them. Infinity War was an incredible film, definitely being one of the best MCU films too. After we saw some of these heroes die, Endgame offers the chance of redemption, avenging them, and hopefully bringing them back from the dead.

Anthony and Joe Russo have proved multiple times that they were the right people to take these two movies on. Infinity War was all in action from start to finish, as we see multiple groups of these heroes attempt to stop Thanos from gathering the Infinity Stones. This film, at 3 hours long, is a slower pace than that, dealing with a lot more issues, and less action. The clips we saw in the trailers really do not give off much of what is going to happen in this film. A bunch of the clips previously saw were cut out, and all of them were from the first leg of the film, not giving much context on what will actually happen. The first act is all about grieving over the ones we had lost in the previous film and recovering Tony Stark and Nebula, with the help of Captain Marvel. So, right from the get-go, we are thrown back into the vast emotions and pain from the end of Infinity War, picking up not much longer from where we left off. I mean, this film is a rollercoaster of emotions.

After we see the mourning of those we have lost, the hunt for Thanos continued, finding him on a farm on a new planet. They find him, found he has destroyed the Infinity Stones, kill him, and seem lost from there. Welcome to the Endgame. Picking up 5 years later, we see the world in disarray, with everyone still trying to figure out what path they are going to take in this new half-populated universe. Tony Stark has a family with Pepper Potts, Scott Lang discovers his daughter now grown up, Steve Rogers has a reunion with Black Widow, Hulk and Bruce Banner officially become one, Hawkeye is in immense pain after losing his family, killing multiple people, and Thor is an overweight alcoholic. After this, it’s more than just a reunion to save the universe. This is now deep-rooted pain, with a conflict of interests, and everything seeming against them. After figuring out how to go back in time, if it didn’t work, Tony would lose his daughter. When they figure out how to go back in time, there’s a sense of reminiscence over the previous films, as we seem them recover all of the Infinity Stones through the times and places they were found in. Of course, Thanos manages to find out, and will later attempt to stop them. We even get to see Tony and Steve Rogers jump back into the 1970s, with Tony meeting his father, Howard Stark. There is great emotional depth in every single line it seems, with this evidently being much more than just an average superhero movie. Black Widow and Hawkeye going against each other to try and kill themselves for the Soul Stone is something that had me getting upset about, as I saw two of my favourite characters of the last 7 years attempt to take their own life over someone elses.

And just like that, the Infinity Stones are in the Avengers hands, and the day can be saved.

But of course, not without Thanos having something to say about it. The battle at the end of the movie is an absolute spectacle. The one chance they had of defeating Thanos was appearing to be in this timeline, with Doctor Strange transporting everyone from their previous locations, to go against Thanos and his army. We get to see the reunion of all our heroes, in one of the greatest fight scenes from any film, period. Things like seeing Captain America being worthy to lift Mjolnir is another thing that will help make this scene so memorable. Of course, Thanos manages to get his gauntlet back, but when he goes to snap his fingers, the stones have been stolen out of them, by Tony Stark, who is a mere human to Thanos. Kind of ironic, really. We know from earlier that snapping your fingers with each stone is enough to take a lot out of you, with Hulk having to have his arm in a brace after doing it earlier in the film, so when you see Tony Stark with it, you can only see the worst thing happing. In his words before snapping his fingers, he says “I am Iron Man”, the same exact words he used to announce who he was to the world. Tony snaps his fingers, and Thanos and his army turn into dust, with the threat to half of all life disappearing. Now, this is the scene that is probably the most heart-breaking over the entire MCU. In Infinity War, we know that there is a good chance that the characters will come back, but here, we know that Iron Man is gone, forever. After 11 years, and starting off the MCU, the longest running character comes to an end, marking the end of an era. The rest of what we see after this is beautiful. We see Iron Man’s funeral with most of the heroes showing up, and the world back with everyone back on it, with cities and countries thriving once more. Now the only thing to do, was to return the Infinity Stones so that the timelines would not get destroyed. Captain America decides to take this task on, taking as much time as he needs, as in the real timeline, he will only be gone for 5 seconds.

Now, this part is the greatest scene in the film, for me. Captain America doesn’t come back where he was supposed to, but instead, we see an old man sitting, looking into the river. It is none other, than Captain America himself. Instead of coming back, he decided to live his life as a normal man with Peggy Carter, fulfilling what was essentially his dream, before passing on his shield to Falcon, and passing on the mantle of Captain America. This scene is so beautiful to me, as instead of the pain we feel when Iron Man passes away, we feel a sense of a bittersweet moment, as Cap managed to live the life he wanted, but at the same time, we lose another one of our favourite heroes.

To conclude, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ is one of the greatest superhero films of all time and deserves all of the plaudits it has been getting. It is more than just an action film, it is a film about grief, redemption, pain, and seeing all of these characters as real people with real emotions, rather than just as their superhero alter egos. Standing at 3 hours long, there is a lot of incredible story to be told here, with the directors, writers and actors all giving us a film that will go down as one of the biggest and best in film history. The likes of Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America will all be missed, a lot, but I am incredibly excited to see the next phase of the MCU, especially with the Disney and Fox merger coming soon.


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