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Comic Book Legend Stan Lee Passes Away Aged 95

The former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, has sadly passed away today at the age of 95. Stan had been dealing with multiple illnesses over the years, which is likely to be the cause of his death. He was a visionary in the comic book world, being it's biggest legend, and will truly be missed for everything he has done and the world he has created at Marvel.

Stan Lee at the Captain America: Civil War Premiere

Stan Lee created characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk and many more across the 20th century. Personally, his death has genuinely hit me hard as he has done so much for the comic book world and for nerdy kids of past and present, such as myself. The world he created at Marvel has given a way of escapism to a world of people, letting them live in different worlds that are protected by comic book heroes. Characters such as Spider-Man have inspired many people, as he is the nerdy kid who gets bullied in high school, who then becomes an unlikely hero, swinging through and saving New York City.

The World Stan Lee Helped Create

Stan Lee was a true creative genius who's imagination was something to be in awe of. He has inspired me in more ways that I could mention in creating these heroes who have inspired me and movies which have made me love film even more. He has inspired and motivated people all over the globe, and will definitely get the send off he truly deserves. He lived a full life full of wonder and his legacy will live on for decades, if not centuries. Stan Lee has had one of the most beautiful creative minds of all time, and even at his age of 95, it is heartbreaking to see him go. RIP Stan Lee, Excelsior!

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