• Lou James

How Music has Helped me During Quarantine

During these trying times the majority of us are bored, desperately waiting to be able to get back to normal life. The one great thing about all this though, is that we all have time to listen to some more music.

So we've been in Lockdown for 2 months where I live, and the way I'm treating that varies so much through each day. At the same time as having a bunch of time to work on all my projects (Music, The Culture Feed, Films) the motivation to do them comes and goes like a swing. Some days I'll work on music for like 10 hours and then other days I'll sit in bed all day and watch TV. (I've only recently started music production, so everything I make is trash). But in all this, my various moods on various days can be reflected in all of the music I listen to, and at the moment it is a lot. On days where I've been motivated and spent a couple of hours working out, songs like Kanye's Black Skinhead help me out and get me amped up to continue, whereas on days I feel like I don't want to do anything, I'll throw on Mac Miller's Circles and try to relate what he is singing about. Being able to match the music through how I've been feeling has helped me realise even more-so that music is the main thing that helps my mood, and I can always find whatever that mood is in hip-hop music, because the genre is so varied.

Last night I read Steven Pressfield's The War of Art and decided to act upon some things I've wanted to do but just couldn't be bothered to, which is to create more playlists for The Culture Feed. So all day today, I've created 4 new playlists which help me right now; one is based off lyricism, one is based off not feeling great, one is based off wanting to feel confident/motivated and the other is a general overview of the music I've been listening to the most recently, on top of the Chill/Vibes playlist I previously created. I hope that they help out anyone who listens to them, and I will always be adding more songs to them, based off of your recommendations on my Instagram Story.

Spotify Profile Link: https://open.spotify.com/user/oaiw0htgh4rqt085bg5opyxq2?si=S1p9-dI7T8eMF1bpxBGvmw

Apple Music Profile Link: https://music.apple.com/profile/theculturefeed

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