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Tyler, The Creator - Igor First Reaction / Review

So, just over an hour ago I woke up early to listen to 'IGOR'. Sadly, I woke up with a headache and was going to postpone my listen for an hour or so until I felt better, but where's the fun in that?

So, 'IGOR' is Tyler's 6th full length project, and was not what I was expecting to any degree. I'm going to try and keep this review short as I've only listened once, but you best believe I'm getting another few listens in today. After 'Flower Boy' was released, I didn't really know how Tyler could manage to top such an incredible project, as it was such a change in tone, aesthetic and the story in it was gorgeous. But, I feel like 'IGOR' did this just as good, if not better. This sounds like Tyler's first attempt at an R&B/pop album, being a complete left turn from his style in anything else, and Tyler was really not joking when he said he wanted to sing. It's minimalist in it's very nature, with Tyler taking a step back on pretty much every track, letting the features and heavy production take the lead, and in tracks like 'PUPPET' the way Tyler manages to utilise Kanye West's singing is a testament to his production abilities. On 'Flower Boy', one of the things that impressed me the most was Tyler's production, being all by himself, being so different yet so damn impressive. In this project, it's more experimental, sounding like all of Tyler's previous works have been put into a blender and spewed out onto the canvas that is 'IGOR.'

Much like 'Flower Boy', the album has underlying themes of love and the things going on in Tyler's head, with a tonne of metaphors placed throughout, so I might do another article trying to explain these, as I attempt to try and grasp the album more. In his statement before the release of the album, Tyler made it clear that he wanted there to be no distractions when taking in the project, and his reasoning for this has shone in this project. The gothic, disco and pop feel of the album just makes it sound like it was made so people could dance around in their room and take it in. It sounds like what people would listen to in a rainy car ride at night on their way home. It sounds like what an album should be. Mainstream rap listeners will be likely to not enjoy this project, as it is so different, even for Tyler. This could resonate with some pop music fans though, and could elevate Tyler's stature as an artist. It almost has this kind of vibe which portrays Tyler as a disco king, which is shown through the way he dresses and the set design in the clips leading up the albums release.

It's so upbeat in it's very nature, every track is a so called 'banger', sounding like it could literally be played anywhere, and I would love to get into a mosh pit when Tyler performs this live. It just seems to shine on every highlight it is given, and is probably my favourite album of the year so far, but admittedly, I get overly excited on first listens sometimes. It's vastly experimental but his most accessible, and one of his most relatable albums to date. It's almost as if Tyler took some of the things he was trying to do on 'Cherry Bomb', and put them onto this project, but as a more experienced artist, refining everything that did not shine on that project. A lot of the sounds and production make you feel the emotions intended, rather than the lyrics, in a vastly rich soundscape. You can feel the anger, love, pain and happiness intended on each track, without even having to listen to the lyrics. The album has it's own identity compared to Tyler's previous works, and if his name and face wasn't on it, you'd have to take a minute to figure out who it is.

To conclude, this album is absolutely gorgeous. As much as I loved 'Flower Boy', I'm not afraid to say that I think this is Tyler's best work and will be one of his most important, I could change my mind, but as of right now, I am in love with this project. This will definitely going up for the album of the year, and I think Tyler could finally get the Grammy he deserves. It is an amazing thing to watch his growth as an artist, from his controversial and gritty lyrics, to shining in this project as a beautiful disco/pop/R&B album. It's going to be one of the albums that sets the tone for my summer, and all I can say right now is this: Tyler, stank you smelly mucho.


Score: 9/10

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